A Year of Building Success Through Clear, Concise, Cooperative Communication

Dr. Rich believes that communication is the foundation to success - in the professional and personal arenas.  In her book she shows everyone how to communicate in a more productive manner - and thereby increase their personal life satisfaction.  

Her book provides clear, applicable instructions that put you in the driver's seat of your conversational vehicle. Read it and get rid of common communication obstacles in your path.


This book is a hands-on, practical and fun to read primer on effective communication. 


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Pushing Back the Darkness


Sadness & negative thinking can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, educational level, religion or job status.  Many people do not realize how incapacitating this condition can be, yet depression is directly linked to drug abuse, physical illness, absenteeism from work, marital discord and suicide.

Dr. Rich has first-hand experience with this issue as her late husband struggled with depression for most of his life.  She has also dealt with numerous clients plagued with sadness throughout her years as a Marriage & Family Therapist.  She recounts many personal stories that illustrate her family's battle with this debilitating disorder using humor, warmth and insight to give hope to her readers.  Recovery from depression is possible; this book provides a map to take the reader into long-term healing.

A Year of Building Success Through Soothing Stress Management


We all experience stress in just about every setting of our lives.  Dr. Rich has written a hands-on, practical and fun to read primer on managing that stress successfully.  Her suggestions make sense and are easy to follow - while having a profound impact on our stress levels.

 She believes stress management should be incorporated into every area of our lives - physical, social, communication, habits, environment and emotional.  

She encourages us to break free of the way we respond to stress and put new, healthier responses in place.  Follow her advice and learn to become more tranquil, serene and content with your life and your circumstances.