Apex Athlete

We work with athletes for peak performance, mental toughness and confidence, as well as:

  • Improving focus and pre-competition nervousness

  • Removing mental blocks

  • Regaining confidence after an injury

  • Increasing motivation 

  • Regaining the joy of the sport

  • Competing like you practice, and stopping negative thoughts.



Many professional athletes use hypnosis to improve performance. Visualization is often used to imagine the desired result. For instance, a baseball player will visualize the perfect swing, seeing all of his muscles, each minor movement and adjustment as the bat hits the ball. By repeatedly seeing these perfect movements, the body will be able to accomplish just that during competition.


Self-statements and self-hypnosis cement the goals and desired results in the mind of the athlete and therefore, become automatic actions during competition or games. Hypnosis can also help improve focus and concentration, and relieve the stress of competition and pressure of performance.


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Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan