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New Year, New You in 2021!

2020 was an interesting year for us all – to put it mildly.  The good news is that you have the power to make

2021 much better.  


Waco Hypnosis Center can help you start off the new year healthier, happier, more in control, and in better

physical shape.  People who purchase a Smoke Free Living or a Healthy Weight Loss package December

through February, will receive access to a Free Turbo-Charge Your Motivation recording.  This recording

will help you amp up your determination to change and make quicker, easier and more powerful progress

toward your goals.


                                                                                          Is losing weight worth the time and effort involved?  Yes!  In America, approximately 33% of                                                                                                 adults, 20% of teens, and 17% of children ages 6-11 are overweight.  Many people try                                                                                                             (repeatedly) to lose weight. They shed a few pounds, look at how far they still want to go, get                                                                                               discouraged and gain it all back - plus some extra.


                                                                                          This is very common unhealthy cycle.  Hypnosis makes a difficult process easier by helping you                                                                                               re-train your brain and habits and change your lifestyle in a permanent and healthy way. 


                                                                                         A study by John Hopkins University found that you can save as much as $30,000 by getting to a                                                                                            healthy weight!


​Smoking is another habit that’s definitely worth changing.  If you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes per day

you will spend an average of $455.70 a month in Texas.  Over their lifetime, smokers in Texas will

spend just over $1 million in tobacco alone, another $149,000 in health care costs, $209,000 in lost

income and another $15,000 in miscellaneous costs. 

The benefits start almost immediately when you give up tobacco.  Making it through the first week

smoke-free puts an extra $44.10 in your wallet.  After 30 days without smoking, you’ll have

successfully saved $189. Make it one full year without a smoke, and you’ll have saved $2,299.50.


Contact us today and set up a free, 10-15 minute screening call – with absolutely NO sales pressure.  

Call us at 254-722-6716.


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