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Weight Loss Program

Waco Hypnosis Center is developing a new program for weight loss that will begin January 1, 2020, called Weight Loss Warriors.  The program will be free – this time only – for participants. 


Program description:


  • 12 weeks in length

  • Completely online – no meetings to attend!

  • Each week participants will receive:

    • An email with a new topic for that week

    • A pre-recorded, downloadable hypnosis session

    • Thought Optimizers to reprogram thoughts on eating

  • Some topics to be covered:

    • Developing a weight loss mindset and staying mentally tough, focused and motivated

    • Setting reasonable and achievable goals

    • Changing out old, toxic and dysfunctional messages to new,  dynamic, positive ones that achieve tangible weight loss results

    • Mindful eating

    • Dealing with food temptation

    • Setting yourself up for success

    • Staying committed to an exercise program that works for you


The normal cost of the program will be between $300-400.  For this one time Trial Run, it will be offered at no cost to participants in exchange for:


Regular and ongoing feedback on the following:


  • Weight – taken weekly

  • Measurements (charts will be provided) taken monthly

  • A short feedback form each week on the hypnosis sessions, emails and Facebook group events and content (1 form for everything)

The time required to give feedback will be approximately 10-15 minutes a week. 


In late December you will receive a short form to fill out that will list:

  • What your weight loss goals are

  • What your exercise goals are

  • What your biggest struggles are                                


Our goal is to develop an effective, dynamic, helpful

program to empower people to lose weight and get

healthier.  And to do that, we need your help.


If you’re interested, we’d love to have you in our Trial Run! 

Please go to and

subscribe to the website.  We’ll send out updates every

couple of weeks and more frequently as we get closer

to January 1st. 


When the new year arrives, you’ll receive your first week of material in your email. 


We’d love to have your participate in our Trial Run. 


We’re confident that your feedback and experience will help make this a truly amazing weight loss experience for you and others who follow you. 


You will be the Trailblazers and will be leaving a healthy legacy for people coming after you.

Women's Empowerment Retreat

Are you tired of doubting your ability to create and grow your business?  Are your fears keeping you stuck and preventing you from moving forward?  Do the negative messages you give yourself make you want to give up and go hide?  If so, you need to attend the Women’s Empowerment Retreat!


This one day retreat for female entrepreneurs is designed to nurture you, deepen your confidence and belief in yourself, help you clarify your vision, connect you with other like-minded women business owners, and get you moving forward into the future you deserve!


When: Friday, October 4th from 9-5:00


Where: Waco Hypnosis Center –

6600 Sanger Avenue, Suite 3, Waco,

TX  76710.  254-722-6716


What: You will get:


* Time for self-growth, creativity, and vision

developing – something so many of us neglect!

* A huge confidence boost – we’ll identify negative,

toxic thoughts and replace them with positive, forward moving ones.

* 2 group hypnosis sessions – designed to relax you, amp up your motivation, and change           your mindset into that of a confident, successful, energized business woman.

* A completed Vision Board detailing your personal goals, dreams and desires.

* 2 Mastermind brainstorming sessions to help get your vision in motion.

* Life-long access to an invitation only Facebook group.


Cost: $299 before Monday, September 30th. 

$349 for late registration. 


Who: Retreat will be led by Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D. 

Dr. Rich was a Family Therapist for 28 years, has

used hypnosis for the past 12 years with her clients,

and is now a full-time Consulting Hypnotist.  She has 

led multiple workshops, groups, and seminars, is a

published author and has a background in public speaking.


Note:  In order to make this a high quality, individualized experience, the number of participants will be limited to 8.  First come, first served.  Call Waco Hypnosis Center at 254-722-6716 to reserve your spot now!

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