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Studies show that too much stress can interfere with focus, memory and concentration.  Negative thinking, fear and self-limiting beliefs can make it difficult to learn new material and can cause poor test scores. 


Are you a someone who wants to do well but needs help with any of the following?


·        Concentration and focus

·        Memory and recall

·        Discipline and time management

·        Dealing with distractions


If so you may simply have acquired poor study habits over the years.  The good news is that this can be fixed!


Or are you a student who goes to class, does the homework, studies for the exam - and blanks out while taking the test. You probably know the material backwards and forwards, but can’t access what you’ve learned for the test.   You may suffer from Test Anxiety.


While trying to take a test you may have symptoms of:


·        Nausea

·        Light-headedness

·        Rapid heartbeat

·        Diarrhea

·        Feelings of anger, fear and helplessness

·        Difficulty concentrating and remembering 

·        Fear of failure


The key for both the above situations is to learn to relax so you can study effectively, block out distractions, and increase your test-taking skills.  Hypnosis can help.  Hypnosis has the following benefits in learning and remembering new material:


·        Improves focus and concentration

·        Gets rid of negative self-talk (increases confidence)

·        Helps you tune out and ignore distractions

·        Increases memory & recall 

·        Helps you stay calm & relaxed


My Academic Success Package includes:


  •          3 individual, personalized hypnosis sessions 

  •          1 recorded, downloadable hypnosis session

  •          2 lists of Thought Optimizers for Improved Study Habits & Test Taking 

  •          1 bottle of Orange Essential Oil and instructions for use ​​

My experience has been that the students with poor study habits just need some good tools and powerful suggestions to help them learn & remember material more effectively.  Learners with Test Anxiety are usually very bright and motivated to succeed.  Hypnosis helps them release the potential that is already there.

Package cost - To get more information on the costs and to see if you are a good fit for this package, please call 254-722-6716 to schedule a FREE Get Acquainted Call. 


*There is no guarantee of specific results.  Results can vary from person to person.

In order to make sure that you're a good fit for our program we will do a complimentary phone interview to assess your readiness to learn.


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