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Individual Hypnosis Sessions:

  • I no longer offer individual hypnosis sessions.  I have discovered that when clients want to change a habit they typically need more than one session.  I offer several packages to meet my client's needs.  Please call 254-722-6716 for a FREE Get Acquainted Call to see what I can offer for you!


Apex Athlete

Most athletes say their performance is at least 50% mental - many put it as high as 90%.  If an athlete is not able to train and harness their thoughts, their athletic success will be negatively affected.  

Champions set the scene for winning in everything they do, feel, think and believe. They’ve put in the hours of training and they have something extra. A winner’s attitude! Visualizing yourself win, believing you are the champion and you deserve success will produce the results! At WHC we help athletes get the confidence & mindset of a champion.

Healthy Weight Loss

Have you tried (repeatedly!) to lose weight, lost a little, gotten discouraged and gained it all back - plus some extra?  This is very common and can make you feel like a failure and just give up.  Hypnosis makes a difficult process easier by helping you re-train your brain and habits and change your lifestyle in a permanent and healthy way. 

Power Performers

In today’s fast paced world the ability to work optimally and effectively is absolutely essential.  And yet there are so many obstacles to doing this well and on a regular basis. 


Many professionals feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.  It can be tough to be a top performer when you struggle with the too-much-to-do-in-too-little-time-with-insufficient-resources syndrome.

Academic Success

Studies show that too much stress can interfere with focus, memory and concentration.  Negative thinking, fear and self-limiting beliefs can make it difficult to learn new material and can cause poor test scores. 


Are you a someone who wants to do well but needs help with any of the following?

·        Concentration and focus

·        Memory and recall

·        Discipline and time management

·        Dealing with distractions


If so you may simply have acquired poor study habits over the years.  The good news is that this can be fixed!

Smoke Free Living

Are you tired of:

Having bad breath - and just smelling like smoke?

Paying HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of dollars a year for tobacco - when you could really use that money for more fun things?

Worrying about your health - and the health of your family because of your tobacco use?


YOU CAN QUIT - but it will be easier with some help.  Ask for it! I offer successful solutions to those who have tried and failed to quit smoking (Trying once and not succeeding doesn’t make you a failure.  In my book that makes you an optimist!). ​

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