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Have Fun With That!

Have Fun With That!

I’ve noticed a pattern over the years. When I have clients in for counseling who aren’t doing well (couples with troubled marriages, depressed individuals, etc.) I always ask them what they do for fun. Want to guess what the most common answer is? The great majority of the time it’s a blank stare.

It’s as if they’re saying, “fun? I’m supposed to be having fun? Nobody told me that”. The thinking seems to be that as we get older fun is off the table – something that kids indulge in but that mature adults are supposed to leave alone.

Actually, fun is a critical part of a balanced life. Research shows that kicking back and having a good time has the following benefits:

  • It helps you de-stress and forget your problems for a while

  • Your body releases anti-stress hormones that allow you to relax

  • When having fun with others you’re bonding and building stronger relationships

  • It increases productivity

Remember the old saying, “All work and no play makes Johnny/Jane a dull boy/girl”? That proverb is right on track. Never taking time to do things you enjoy makes life boring, tedious and unexciting.

So if your life has been on a predictable but uninteresting track lately, switch things up a bit and inject some fun into your life. Try the following:

  • Shake up your routine and do something different – even something small, like trying a new restaurant instead of always going to the same one

  • Take a class in something you’ve always been interested in – kick-boxing, painting, woodworking, etc.

  • Get out of town – literally! Take a mini vacation and go to a place that nurtures your soul (beach anyone?)

Deliberately include some fun in your life – it’s not just for kids!

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