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Waco Hypnosis Center Testimonials 

"I remember having my first panic attack when I was 26 years old, and was always feeling anxious even before that.   I am now 37 years old and have a wife and 2 kids.  Once I got fed up with feeling this way I went to my primary Dr. and she put me on 50mg Zoloft and I went through a terrible time on the start up on that medication.  I stuck through it and the medicine finally started to make me feel more balanced.   After being on this medication for years I started to have the same old anxious thoughts come at me again and again. 


Just recently my son had his first panic attack and he is only 12.   At this point I decided I am going to try something completely new and that is when I picked up the phone and called Dr. Rich.   I was always looking for a quick fix to this problem but there is not one, so I told myself I am going to be open minded and throw everything I got at my anxiety in hopes that I can help my son as well.   

I did 4 appointments with Dr. Rich and can 100% honestly say that I feel better and am continuing to learn how to be more optimistic and positive.  She gave me the tools I needed to change my thinking from doom and gloom to a more positive outlook.   I now find myself in a habit of thinking differently, by using the tools she gave me and am now helping my son in the same manner.   I definitely found out that it is not a sprint but a marathon but it can be done.   I want to thank Dr. Rich for giving me the tools and I am so glad I decided to pick up the phone that day." - Josh S. - Waco, TX

My sixth grade son was struggling during his first year of middle school. He is dyslexic and in Pre-A/P classes. School and homework had become overwhelming for him and me. I took him to see Dr. Rich and I could not be happier with the results! His confidence has increased dramatically. He now finishes his homework in half the time and grades have improved. He has a renewed outlook on school! All of this happened in four sessions! If you are on the fence about hypnosis, I encourage you to call Dr. Rich. Our experience with her was incredible!

Sherry M., Waco, TX

I went to Dr. Rich because I was having trouble sleeping.  I couldn’t block out noises around me and my mind kept going around in circles.  Dr. Rich was professional and during the intake process was able to figure out the best direction for our sessions. Even though I had never used hypnosis before, I quickly relaxed and let myself go. The session lasted over 40 minutes, but it seemed like just 15 minutes to me. After the sessions, I have been able to sleep much better and deeper. Even when I get up during the night, I am able to go right back to sleep. I highly recommend Dr. Rich to anyone who has issues that can be helped by Hypnosis. - Scott G., Waco, TX

I was extremely apprehensive about an upcoming MRI since I am very claustrophobic. I called Waco Hypnosis Center and made an appointment to have several sessions to treat my anxiety. Dr. Rich made me feel at ease during the sessions and made suggestions for some things I could do before going for the MRI. The procedure went smoothly and I was so relaxed that I feel asleep several times during the MRI. If you experience anxiety or other phobias, I strongly recommend that you call and make an appointment with Dr. Rich.

Michael V., Waco, TX

I was not very familiar with hypnosis when Dr. Rich met with me.  I expected good things, but did not realize how much I would benefit from hypnosis. She let me list the statements I would like for her to use in hypnosis.  Some were about weight loss and exercise, and some were about self-confidence during an upcoming interview.  Right from the start Dr. Rich helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed. The hypnosis was definitely a positive experience, and Dr. Rich was completely helpful, competent, and professional.  I could tell that she definitely had my best interests at heart.  I found that my weight loss and exercise efforts and my comfort with my interview were greatly improved.  I highly recommend Dr. Rich to help you with any of life’s challenges. She’s a cut above the rest. - DW, Waco, TX

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