Welcome to Waco Hypnosis Center, I’m so glad you’re here!

I'm Dr. Melissa Rich and I'd like to tell you a little about

how I help people.

I'm a Consulting Hypnotist which means I work with

people to help them make desired changes that will

dramatically improve their lives.  


Hypnosis works with individuals to help them attain

mental toughness, focus and concentration and get

that slight mental edge that can mean the difference

between winning and losing.

Hypnosis is a quick, powerful way to focus your

concentration and attention and help you to overcome

personal obstacles, achieve your goals, and empower

yourself to move forward.

WHC works with:


  • Athletes for motivation, confidence, peak performance and success

  • Children and teens to enhance academic performance

  • Sales people for reaching goals and motivation   

  • Individuals to eliminate fears and anxiety

  • People to lose weight

  • Smokers to give up cigarettes

  • and just about every situation a person might struggle with


Some people are a bit hesitant to try hypnosis because they're not sure it will work.  Let me tell  you about some well known people who've used

hypnosis and achieved amazing results!

  • Tiger Woods (golfer) has used powerful self-hypnosis techniques since his early teens.

  • Adele (singer), Ashton Kutcher (actor) and Ben Affleck (actor) have all quit smoking with hypnosis.

  • Bruce Willis (actor) overcame stuttering with the help of hypnosis.

  • Jack Nicklaus (golfer) claims hypnosis and visualization techniques helped him improve his concentration.

  • Fergie (singer) used hypnosis to stop overeating and lose weight.

  • Cory Everson (female bodybuilder) won the Miss Olympia over six times. She uses mind power and hypnosis to shape her physique.

  • Jessica Alba (actress) used hypno-birthing to manage pain during labor.

  • In baseball Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Maury Wills, Don Sutton and Mark McGuire all report using hypnosis to prepare for games.

  • Olivia Munn (actress) used hypnosis to overcome OCD and increase motivation for exercising.

All of these people used hypnosis to get powerful results - you can do the same!

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I have published several books - in the areas of stress management, dealing with negativity & sadness and improved communication.

My books are available to buy through this website. 


"If you experience anxiety or other phobias, I strongly recommend that you call and make an appointment with Dr. Rich."

Michael V., Waco, TX

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