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Shred10 for 2023!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know many of you are hoping to get a good start to 2023 – and one way to do that is to get healthier. I’m on board and I started by going to the gym today to work out. I can do this on my own pretty easily and start seeing results quickly.

But sometimes we need some help and guidance to make the changes we’re interested in. I want to share something that offers that help.

Shred10 is an event that helps you make healthy changes in your life. The event runs from 10-30 days – whichever suits your needs best.

If you’re interested in improving your:

· Gut health

· Immune support

· Energy (I saw a huge improvement here)

· Mental clarity

· Weight loss

· Hair/nail/skin

then see if you can hop on the call tonight. Shred10 starts January 9th and I’ll be participating – I’d love for you to as well!

See the flyer below and if you want more information click the following link:

Here's to a healthy and fun 2023!

Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.


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