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Health & Happiness

Health & Happiness

Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.

I recently went to 2 professional events. A hypnosis convention in Las Vegas (HypnoThoughts Live) and a business coaching event in Asheville, NC. I’m going to deviate a little here and say that I arrived in Asheville last Monday and watched Florence approach closer and closer for several days. I was supposed to leave Saturday but decided it would be prudent to get out early.

I flew out Thursday and am very glad I did. My original flight was cancelled – along with thousands of others. After experiencing the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Waco, TX last year, I had no desire to go through another one. I was very glad to be safely home and have been praying for the people dealing with Florence.

Back to my original line of thought. I remember when I was younger and was anxious to get through with college and get on with my life. I thought, somewhat naively, that I would learn everything there was to know about my particular field and would be then be done with my education.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! Nowadays we should all have the mentality of being lifelong learners. There’s always something new out there and, no matter what your field of expertise is, you need to make an effort to stay current.

I always enjoy HypnoThoughts (although not the casinos so much!) because I meet other people in my field and find out about new techniques & tools. I want to offer the very best to my clients and staying informed & connected is one way to do that.

My other point is that most of us aren’t smart or capable enough to do everything ourselves. I’ve discovered that the hard way.

I’ve figured out that I’m a really good hypnotist but not so great at marketing my business. My business coaching program is a tremendous help with that. It gives me great guidance and connects me with a wonderful bunch of like-minded people I can bounce ideas off of.

I also found a great Virtual Assistant (who is making this newsletter look amazing – thanks Nicole!) because, while I’m a good writer, I struggle with the technology part. I decided it would be a better use of my resources to find someone else who could do what needs to be done much better and quicker than I could.

What about you? Are you staying on top of things or is that a struggle for you? Are you trying to be a Lone Ranger and do everything yourself or are you ok with asking for help? Admitting that you can’t do it all on your own isn’t a weakness – I see it as clarity of mind and being in touch with reality.

If you need help, find some. And remember that hypnosis is a great way to improve your focus, creativity and concentration, work smarter and become more productive. I’m currently designing some packages to help clients in several of those areas. If you’re interested, give me a call – I’d love to talk to you about them!

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