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Highly Hydrated

Highly Hydrated Melissa R. Rich, Ph.D.

My topic today may sound a little basic – it’s about drinking water. This is something most of us are aware that we need to do. You probably know that the majority of your body – up to 60% - is made up of water. But did you realize that you can lose up to 64 oz of water a day through sweating?

Since I live in Texas I am well aware of this fact – I see it happening all around me on a regular basis. I can sometimes smell it happening as well, but we won’t go there.

I’m one of those people who carry a large insulated cup (a knock-off of the Yeti brand that works just a well for a lot less) filled with herbal iced tea and drink it all day. I happen to have dry mouth so I tend to drink a lot. I’m always amazed, though, at how many people go hours without drinking anything. If I tried that I’d end up passed out on the floor – hence the insulated cup.

One question I hear a lot is how much water we should be drinking. Here’s an equation I found to help figure it out. Multiply your weight by 2/3 – the answer will give you the ounces of water you should have daily. Also – add 12 ounces for every 30 minutes of exercise you do every day.

According to that, my daily intake should be around 14 cups – which is about what I get anyway. So I’m probably ok. What about you?

You may be wondering why you should bother drinking all that water. Good question. Let me give you some of the benefits of staying hydrated.

Drinking water:

• Helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight • Allows your system to flush out toxins • Makes you feel good – your body works better when it’s well maintained • You feel more energetic and your brain functions better (mine can use all the help it can get) • Helps prevent and treat headaches • Improves your complexion • Boosts your immune system

One more thing – don’t forget that your pets need to stay hydrated too.

When I leave the house every morning I check to be sure that my 3 dogs have lots of water in their bowls. I also refill them when I get home.

Since summer is now officially here, remember to take care of yourself so you can do a good job with whatever you have to do. Break out those water bottles and drink up!

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