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4 Best Anxiety Busters

Anxiety is something we all suffer from at one time or another. Some people have an anxiety disorder which involves persistent feelings of anxiety or dread, and can interfere with everyday life.

Many of us suffer from situational anxiety that is cleared up once the situation is resolved. An example would be concern about a family member who is having major surgery. Once the surgery is successfully completed, the worry goes away.

Anxiety is no fun to live with and most of us want it gone as soon as possible. Here are some simple ways to get rid of it quickly.

1 – Reroute your thoughts. Train yourself to recognize when your thoughts are going into worry mode and send them elsewhere. Start thinking about what you’ll have for dinner, the garden you’re planting or what to get your child for their birthday. After a while this thought shifting will become automatic.

2 – Go outside. Often when we’re feeling overwhelmed or scared, we want to burrow into a cave and stay safely tucked away. This doesn’t help. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the natural light and admire the green plants. Spending time outside improves mood and self-esteem – thus lowering anxiety.

3 – Get up and move. Exercise is one of the best anti-anxiety activities you can do. If you’re in the middle of a panic attack you probably won’t feel like working out and that’s understandable. Do it anyway!

4 – Get professional help. If your anxiety is getting worse or just not significantly improving, it may be time to call in the pros. I use hypnosis to help people rewire their brains and significantly reduce anxiety. Contact me or a professional in your area if you need help. Feeling calmer and happier is completely possible!


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