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30-Day Inner Cleanse & Renewal

30-Day Inner Cleanse & Renewal

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I make great plans that sound amazing – and they don’t go anywhere. Sometimes I set goals that are admirable, positive and energetic – and I don’t come anywhere near reaching them. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me because I seem to get derailed so easily. Why aren’t I moving forward and accomplishing more? Why do I seem to keep spinning my wheels and getting nowhere?

Does this sound familiar? I’m happy to say I don’t do this nearly as much as I used to (thank goodness!) and I’ve discovered why I fell into this trap in the first place.

It all comes back to thinking. When my thinking is negative, doubtful and fearful, I tend to go in circles and make myself dizzy! But when I clear out all the destructive thoughts and replace them with positive, energized and focused ones, I’m unstoppable!

The key is figuring out how to do that – and believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But I’ve developed a lot of helpful tools and I’m passionate about sharing them with other people – to help them make progress too!

I’ve developed a free 30-Day Inner Cleanse and Renewal to help you:

  • Identify and get rid of damaging, harmful and paralyzing thoughts

  • Replace them with positive, confident and affirming ones

  • Get unstuck, move forward and begin reaching your goals

  • Start to feel – happy, positive, calm and energized

My 30-Day Inner Cleanse & Renewal will teach you how to:

  • Let go of old, destructive habits

  • Acquire new, productive and helpful patterns

  • Apply those patterns to your life and get the results you want!

Every day you’ll get something from me. It could be:

  • An email

  • A link to a video

  • A tip sheet

  • A Facebook live event (from our private, members only FB group – that you’ll be invited to join!)

  • A Zoom conference call

  • An assignment to help you achieve clarity, insight and movement

My goal is that by the end of 30 days you’ll be in a different place than you’re in now. One where you:

  • Get things done in a timely manner

  • Think clearly about your life

  • Carry out plans and reach goals in a confident, calm and optimistic way

I’d love to have you join me on this 30 day journey. And really, what do you have to lose? Just think about it – in 30 days you could be:

  • Unstuck

  • Moving forward

  • Making progress

  • Feeling so much better about yourself!

  • Reaching goals

Doesn’t that sound good? And it’s free! I’ll be honest, at some point in the future I’ll be charging for this program. But since I’m developing it right now I’m offering it at no cost to participants.

But fair warning – this program will cause you to change. And you’ll have to put some effort in. You’ll need to examine your life, thoughts, patterns and actions and see what you need to start, stop and keep doing – and what needs to be tweaked. If you’re not willing to do some work this program will be a complete waste of time for you. If that’s where you are (and I’ve been there myself) please don’t participate. I don’t want you to have an unsuccessful experience.

But if you’re ready to start making real progress in your life, and get rid of old, destructive habits that have been holding you back, please sign up. My 30-Day Inner Cleanse & Renewal starts Monday, February 11th and goes through, Saturday, March 12th.

Press the button below to enroll and you’ll get a welcome email from me with details on what to expect. You’ll be added to the Facebook group and be on track to make big, amazing changes!

I’d love to have you involved and to see you moving past frustration, anger, fear and all the negative emotions you’ve been experiencing that have been holding you back. Join me on this journey – it’s time for you to spread your winds and soar!

Dr. Melissa R. Rich

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