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5 Best Ways to Lower Your Anxiety - Naturally!

It's probably no great surprise to find that stress and anxiety have increased significantly due to Covid. Even with things starting to get back to normal (fingers crossed!), about half of the adults in this country report greater rates of worry and stress than they experienced prior to the pandemic. All this is understandable, but what can be done about it? So glad you asked.

Here are 5 easy, inexpensive, completely natural ways to lower your levels of anxiety, stress and worry and help you feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

1 - Exercise. I realize this is a dirty word for many people but I constantly tell clients that you get you get the biggest bang for your buck with exercise. You get even greater benefits if you workout outside and even more gains if you exercise outside in the morning. If you haven't been active in a while try walking early in the day. Set a brisk pace and either listen to music or your favorite podcast or enjoy the quiet. You'll increase your heart rate, benefit from the fresh air and natural light and your circadian rhythms will get in sync - which can also help with weight loss!

2 - Stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Both of these are stopgap measures that make you feel better temporarily. But once the quick fix is over, your anxiety may actually increase. Getting both of these habits under control will also improve your physical health - and the health of your wallet!

3 - Eliminate caffeine. If you're a coffee junkie you may be setting yourself up for anxiety and panic attacks. Or at least giving yourself the jitters. A much better alternative is to drink water or herbal tea. I realize many of you are moaning and groaning at this one but research shows a clear connection between caffeine and anxiety. The good news is that if you have this habit it is just a habit - and with some work it can be changed.

4 - Eat healthy - and watch your sugar intake. Try subbing fresh fruit for desserts and watch your processed food intake. Yes, it may be a pain to change your entire diet. But if the alternative is to be stressed, anxious and worried all day it may be worth it.

5 - Get enough sleep. Insomnia and anxiety go hand-in-hand - in fact, they feed on each other. Here are some suggestions that can help improve your slumber.

  • Turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime

  • Take a warm bath or shower at the end of your day

  • Eat a light, healthy dinner

  • Use a white noise machine in your bedroom

  • Don't have children or animals sleeping in your bed (my 3 dogs sleep in my bedroom but not in my bed. In spite of them periodically asking if they can)

  • Keep your room cool and dark

None of the above suggestions are expensive and none of them put harmful substances into your body. In fact some of them take those substances out! They're all possible to do, but there can be a difficult adjustment period to deal with. Every one of them can be helped with hypnosis - also a completely natural procedure. I've worked with clients in all the above areas and have helped many people successfully lower their anxiety levels. If you'd like some help contact my office (254-722-6716). I'd be happy to answer any questions. May your stress and anxiety decrease and your happiness rise!

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