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Beating Morning Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety you may have had the unpleasant experience of actually waking up into a panic attack. You may have a rapid heartbeat, sweating or fast breathing. Plus, the feelings can be very disorienting and confusing as you come out of sleep. Not a fun way to start your day.

There are things you can do to help calm yourself down. Try these:

· Breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes. Tell yourself that you're breathing relaxation in and breathing anxiety out.

· Distract yourself by focusing on something else - instead of dwelling on your physical symptoms try - reciting multiplication tables, talking to someone, playing with your dog.

· Change the messages you're giving yourself. Instead of freaking out (understandable but not helpful) tell yourself that these feelings will pass quickly and you're going to get back to normal very soon.

· Go outside for a short walk. Sometimes just a change of scenery can help you pull yourself together and calm down.

I specialize in helping people overcome anxiety, panic and stress. Contact me for more information. Change IS possible!


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