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Ramp Up Your Rest!

When I assess clients to see what their issues are, I routinely ask how they're sleeping. I've done this for years and I'm always amazed at how many people do NOT sleep well on a regular basis.

Insomnia can have serious consequences - such as:

*You may depend on caffeine and sugar to get you going in the morning

*You may shorten or completely skip your exercise time

*At night instead of cooking a healthy meal you may stop for fatty, high calorie take out food

*Fatigue can cause brain fog which can lead to poor decisions and memory lapses

So if this is ongoing issue for you, try the following:

*Turn off ALL electronics an hour before bedtime

*During that hour read a book or take a warm bath/shower

*Make sure your room is dark and cool

*Make your bed as comfortable as possible - have good quality pillows and bed linens

*Do not allow animals or children to sleep in the bed with you

*Have a white noise machine and/or a nature sound machine in your room

*Try a cup of chamomile tea

*Have an essential oil diffuser in your room and put lavender oil in it

*Do not - watch TV, work or argue in your bedroom - reserve it for sleep

It may take some time to find a sleep routine that works for you but it's totally worth it. Regulalry sleeping well helps keep you focused, alert, happy and healthy. And it's exactly what you deserve!

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