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What's Your Word?

So here we are in a new year. 2020 is over – finally – and we get to make a new start. This is the time when lots of people make resolutions or have a list of things they want to do differently.

One way to change your direction, focus and approach for 2021 is to pick a word that sums up what you want to accomplish for the year. It’s kind of a one word resolution.

For example – if your word is connecting, you’ll want to put time and effort into creating and deepening relationships this year – in your personal and business life. And you’ll really concentrate on ways to do that. You’ll commit to engaging with people on a deeper level, really listening to what they have to say and figuring out ways to be there for them.

A Word of the Year is a consistent reminder to focus on creating positive change in some area of your life. It’s a way of using your thoughts, intentions and attention to help guide your decisions and get you moving towards what you want.

Your Word of the Year sets an intention for how you want your year to go. So think about what you want 2021 to bring you. Then choose 1-5 words that will help move you in the direction you want to go for next year. Look through the list below or find some of your own. Once you have a few picked out, review them, then narrow it down to one that you know in your heart you need more of. The right word will click with you.

Don’t rush through the process. If you’re a praying person, ask for God’s direction in this. In the past I’ve picked my word in a few hours, a day or two, and one time it took a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your word by January 1st – whenever you get the right word there will be plenty of year left.

Then write your word on some notecards or post-it notes and stick them to:

· Your bathroom mirror

· Your car’s sun visor

· Your refrigerator

· A wall in your office

Or make it your computer desktop or phone wallpaper. Anywhere you’ll see it easily and frequently.

This year my word is, “Forward”. I also received a phrase (which doesn’t always happen) and it’s, “Trust God and move forward”. This is the word I’ll be keeping in mind to help me navigate situations in the next 12 months.

Here are some possibilities for your Word of the Year for 2021.

· Abundance

· Achieve or Achievement

· Appreciate or Appreciation

· Authentic

· Awareness or Aware

· Balance

· Bloom

· Bold

· Brave

· Change

· Confident or Confidence

· Creative

· Delight

· Deserving

· Do It Anyway

· Dream or Dream Big

· Finish

· Fitness

· Focus

· Forward

· Future

· Go

· Grace

· Gratitude

· Grow

· Grounded

· Healthy or Health

· Helping

· Hope

· Impactful

· Improve

· Inspire

· Intentional

· Joyful or Joy

· Less

· Limitless

· Mindful or Mindfulness

· More

· Movement or Move

· Organize

· Open

· Passion

· Perspective

· Positive or Positivity

· Possible

· Pray

· Pro-Active

· Reflect

· Respect

· Self-care

· Simplify

· Special

· Success

· Thrive

· Today

· Unlimited

· Wellness

· Wholeness

· Winning or Winner

· Worthy

Whatever word you choose to define your year, I hope the next 12 months are productive, inspiring, and fulfilling. Happy 2021!


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