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Electronic De-Stress

Lots of people nowadays have jobs where they sit in front of a computer for hours - if not all day. This can be bad for you physically and stressful for you emotionally and mentally. Here are some tips for improving that situation.

Take short breaks and get up and walk - even to the bathroom or down the hallway.

Don’t eat at your desk - either go out to lunch or bring your lunch and eat it outside - a change of scenery can do great things.

If you sit all day do something physical right after work. Stop at the gym on the way home and workout, take a long walk in your neighborhood with your spouse, go for a family bike ride, or walk your dog (my favorite!).

Use your weekends for outdoor, fun activities. Go for a hike with friends, take the family camping, try white water rafting, walk on the beach (if you’re lucky enough to live near one), or take your kids to the zoo.

The point is to shake things up and balance out all the electronic work with physical, hands on activity. So go outside and enjoy the sunshine, feel the breeze and get a little sweaty. You’ll feel better when Monday morning rolls around!

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