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Ask for Help

Ask for Help

I’m writing about choices this year and sometimes making the right choice can be the easy part. The tricky bit can be figuring out how to achieve it. For instance, we may know that we’re in “A” and really want to be in “G” – but may not have any realistic, helpful ideas on how to make that transition.

For me, asking for and getting help – a mentor, personal coach, trainer, etc. – is often the most effective way to get unstuck and start moving forward. I think sometimes we hesitate to do this for 2 reasons. One, we don’t like to ask for help, and two, we don’t want to spend the money.

I’ll talk about the money first. Yes, coaching, mentoring and/or training can be expensive. But what are you really buying? From my perspective as a client (yes, I’ve been one) I’m getting expertise, encouragement, support, motivation, understanding, challenges, accountability and someone to hold my feet to the fire. What that means is that the change I’m trying to make will happen easier and quicker – totally worth the money spent.

As far as asking for help – that can be tough because most of us want to believe that we don’t NEED anyone else’s help. Because we’re so self-sufficient and awesome all on our own that we can do anything by ourselves – right? Maybe not so much. Yes, it can be a little humbling to acknowledge our limitations but look at it as a learning experience. No matter how great we think we are, none of us are wonderful at everything. I killed it in English in school – not so much in math.

So if you’re having trouble reaching that new choice you’ve made, give some serious thought to asking for, and possibly paying for, some professional help. It just may give you the boost you need to make, and exceed, your new goal!

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